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Rivarossi HR2531 HO GE U25C with ESU LokSound DCC, CB&Q #558

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GE U25C Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 558 Diesel Locomotive with ESU Loksound DCC

CLICK HERE to watch our detailed review of this impressive locomotive.

In the 1960s, Rivarossi set the bar high for HO diesel locomotive models with its release of the U25C. The detail and quality was well ahead of its time. Now after 47 years Rivarossi has decided to reset that bar announcing the all new Rivarossi model of the General Electric U25C. This new model of the U25C has been licensed by and developed with full co-operation of General Electric. This new release incorporates all new state-of-the art tooling with the following features:


  • Heavy metal die-cast chassis
  • 5 pole can motor with flywheels
  • NMRA RP-25 wheel profile
  • Knuckle couplers
  • Authentic roadnames, lettering and road numbers
  • Locomotives will come with road specific detailing and lighting configurations
  • Separately applied detail parts: horns, bell, handrails, grab irons and snowplows (if appropriate)
  • ESU LokSound DCC/Sound equipped versions

As the first new project by Rivarossi for the US market this locomotive marks a milestone for Rivarossi under the ownership of the Hornby Group. Hornby America is excited by the commitment shown by Hornby International to the American market and we look forward to expanding our presence in the U.S. with continuous improvements and new offerings to the venerable Rivarossi brand of model railroad equipment.

To watch a video highlighting the details of this awesome new Rivarossi U25C CLICK HERE. (Pay Special Attention to the roller bearing hubs spinning on the axles!)

GE U25C History

General Electric’s first six axle diesel, the U25C, made its debut in 1963. During a two year production run 113 units were built spread out over seven owners. The Northern Pacific rostered the largest fleet with 30 units, closely followed by Atlantic Coast Line with 21 units and Pennsylvania with 20 units. The Louisville and Nashville received 18 units originally and subsequently added the 10 surviving units of the 13 built for Oro Dam Constructors. The Burlington purchased 12 units and the Lake Superior and Ishpeming had 2 units. Through eventual mergers and sales,the U25C came to wear the colors of Burlington Northern, Penn Central, Conrail, Seaboard Coast Line, Family Lines and NdeM.

Licensed by and developed with the cooperation of General Electric.