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Rivarossi HR2413 HO Steam Heisler 3 Truck, DC, Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. #4

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Heisler Steam Locomotive: 3-Truck Model, DCC Ready, Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. #4

Rivarossi Item #HR2413

The Heisler was invented in 1891 and Charles L. Heisler received a patent in 1892 and made an impact on the logging industry of the United States through the turn of the century and on into 1941 when it was still being run regularly.  Although it was considered the fastest of the geared steam locomotives, the notoriety of the Heisler came from its pulling capabilities. The high tractive effort was perfectly suited for moving long, heavy strings of loaded log cars both on flat ground and uphill. On the two-truck model, the cylinders were centrally located under the drive shaft.  The drive shaft is extended into the tender on the three-truck model for more fuel and water capacity for longer and heavier trips. These locomotives were set apart from the rest by the cylinders being slanted inwards at a 45 degree angle. The center shaft only drove one axle per truck as the wheels in each truck were connected with a side rod.  There were around 625 Heislers produced, ranging from 17 tons to 95 tons.

  • DCC Ready (8 pin NRMA)
  • 5-pole Motor
  • Knuckle Type Couplers
  • Illuminated Headlamp

Use the Heisler for what it was created for and pull the new 38 foot die-cast skeleton log cars also produced by Rivarossi. Three out of the four new logs cars have matching road names corresponding with the Heisler locomotives and all new car numbers.

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