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Rivarossi HR2407, HO Blue Ridge 2-6-6-6 Steam Loco, DC, Virginian #907


MSRP: $429.99

Product Description

Blue Ridge 2-6-6-6 Steam Loco, Virginian Railway, DCC Ready

Rivarossi Item # HR2407

Lima Locomotive Works built the 2-6-6-6 “Blue Ridge” class locomotive for the Virginian Railway which took delivery between March and June of 1945. The locomotives were designated Class AG (Articulated, series G) and were assigned road number 900 through 907 and were used for hauling coal hoppers well into the 1950s.  They weighed in as the heaviest steam locomotive ever produced weighing in at 1.5 million pounds.  The 2-6-6-6 wheel arrangement was to help evenly distribute the weight on the rails that accumulated towards the back of the locomotive.  A six-wheeling trailing truck was needed to help support the weight of the firebox also allowing the engine to become the most powerful reaching up to 7,500 horsepower.  The major difference between the Allegheny and the Blue Ridge was the larger tender on the Blue Ridge allowed more coal and water capacity. The Blue Ridge locomotives were retired in 1955 and unfortunately scrapped by 1960.

Loco Details:

  • DCC Ready (21-Pin)
  • 5-Pole Motor w/Flywheel
  • Knuckle Type Couplers
  • Illuminated Headlamp
  • Road Number 907
  • Rivarossi Item ID: HR2407
  • Scale: HO