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Rapido GMD FP9A, DC, CP Script Scheme #1405, 220040

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Rapido’s GMD FP9A is a team effort and a labour of love from a bunch of detail fanatics. Rapido did not compromise on our GMD (General Motors Diesel Division, London, Ontario) FP9A locomotive. Before the Rapido FP9A arrived on the market, your only options for an accurate FP9A were brass or a major kitbash. Their FP9A is 100% accurate for CN and CP – they tooled all-new shells and underbodies for each railway!

Their FP9As feature unmatched levels of detail that border on the insane, such as all-separate piping under the frame and fuel and water tank vents and stem blow-down vents sticking up out of the roof – a first in HO scale F-unit models! The body sides feature our unique “No-Warp Grills.” Each grill is a C-channel pressed into the shell that won’t warp no matter what humidity and temperature changes it is subjected to.

Model Railroad News called the Rapido FP9A “a model that is second to no model of an F-unit ever produced in HO scale.” The magazine also summarized the FP9A by writing:

This is a very impressive scale model locomotive. While it is not the cheapest ready-to-run model of an F-unit around, it is the most detailed that I have ever seen, and its running qualities are excellent. It may seem a cliché, but I feel that the Rapido True North FP9A sets a new standard for HO-scale diesel locomotives against which others will be judged.”

Until now, our Canadian Pacific FP9A and F9B locomotives were only available packaged with The Canadian complete train. Now you can expand your fleet with our new CPR FP9A and F9B locomotives, available separately for the first time!

Canadian Pacific FP9As feature 48″ dynamic brake cooling fans; CP style high winterization hatches; unique roof-top cooling coils (two versions!); No-Warp etched stainless side grilles to CP’s design; CP underframe details; CP-style ditch lights (where appropriate); and many more subtle differences ­ every one of which is included on our model. We also include CP’s roof-mounted icicle breakers and an operating roof-top Gyralite on those models for which they are appropriate.

The HO Scale CP FP9A features:

  • Road-number and era-specific details applied at the factory
  • 100% accurate Canadian details – this is not a stand-in!
  • Correct fuel and water tanks, cooling coils, and other CP-specific details!
  • Full underframe detail including piping and conduit
  • Numerous etched-metal parts including CP-style “No-Warp” etched metal grills
  • See-through fans, separate roof vents and float switch
  • Working roof-top Gyralite (where appropriate)
  • Etched Icicle breaker bars on roof (where appropriate)
  • Operational headlight, number boards and ditch lights (where appropriate)
  • Operational class lights and backup light (DCC)
  • Full interior detail including crew
  • Available as a sound-equipped model with an ESU LokSound sound decoder or as a DC silent model
  • Sounds were recorded by Rapido on a real ex-VIA GMD FP9A with the original 567C prime mover
  • Will operate smoothly on DC and DCC layouts
  • Rapido’s proven 5-pole, skew-wound motor and silky-smooth drive system
  • Macdonald-Cartier metal knuckle couplers mounted at the correct height
  • Several numbers available per paint scheme