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Rapido #1967 HO Confederation Train Add-on 6 Car Set


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These models will NOT be available separately and production of this train will be strictly limited! Rapido needs at least 300 orders to proceed with this project. Please do not delay, get your reservation in today! Your card will not be charged until the train has come in and we are ready to ship. 

Rapido HO Confederation Train Add-on 6 Car Set

Rapido Item #1967

Add-on Set Includes

  • Six uniquely decorated Confederation Train display cars available ONLY in this set

Confederation Train Set With Locomotives & Steam Car

Prototype Overview:

1967 was Canada’s Centennial and to celebrate, Canada hosted the world! Promoted as Expo 67, The 1967 International and Universal Exposition was held from April to October 1967 on the Ile Notre Dame in Montreal, Quebec. Ninety pavilions were built to spotlight the theme of “Man and His World” and exhibits were brought in from around the world. More than 300,000 visitors turned up for the opening day on April 28. Over the course of its run Expo 67 attracted over 50 million visitors – no small feat when you consider that the population of Canada at the time was reported at 20,500,000!

As part of the Expo 67 festivities a special train was created that toured the country promoting both Canadian history and the Expo. Equipment was provided by both CN and CP which included FP9As from both roads, a CN steam generator car and a consist of smooth-side passenger cars – all adorned with a bold and colourful paint scheme specially designed for the train. As a special audio treat, additional horns were added to the locomotives, tuned to replicate the opening four notes of “O Canada” !

The train departed Victoria, BC on January 9. It crossed the country, stopping at more than sixty towns and cities. Hundreds of thousands visited the train and its exhibits celebrating Canada’s centennial year and Expo 67. The train tied up for the last time in Montreal on December 5.