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QSI Titan A Sound Decoder



MSRP: $129.95

Product Description

Stereo Atlas Style Board
U.S. Reissue Patent Number RE38,660
Universal Generic Format with NMRA 8 Plug, Wired Terminals, 9 and 14 Pin (JST) Connectors.

Choose the desired Type and Sound File Numbers. Alternatively you can choose “Any” if you wish to program the decoder yourself. The Titans have stereo outputs, take advantage of this feature, many models can use this for improved sounds, you will not believe it until you hear it!

Please order speakers separately 

Feature QSI® Titans
Operation Modes DC and DCC DCC & True DC
Sound in Conventional DC Mode Yes
Full Operation from DC Power Pack Yes
Speaker Impedance 4 Mono, 8 Stereo
Included Speaker Options Yes
Sound Memory Size 64 Mbit
Custom Advanced Sound Processor Yes
Number of Simultaneous Sound Channels 64
Stereo or Dual Channel Sound Yes
High Speed Bi-Directional Service Mode Yes
Manual Reset Yes
Asymmetric DCC Yes
CPU Controlled Super Cap Hold-Up Option Yes
Audio Band Width 4-8K
Number of Function Outputs 8-10
LED Compensation Mode Yes
Function Mapping Yes
Steady State Motor Current (Only Ho Listed) 1.5-2.0 A
Function Output Current 0.1A
Decoder Size (Only Ho Listed) 2.70 x 0.66″X 0.26”
Additional Decoder Formats Yes

Available Titan Sound Files:
1123-244 –  ALCo 244
1135-251 – ALCo 251
1148-539 –  ALCo 539
1112-720 –  Budd RDC
1100-300 – Baldwin
1137-0     –  Cummins HBI-600
1100-699 – Doodlebug
1115-567 –  EMD 567
1140-645 – EMD 645
1145-0     –  FM 38D-6
1128-0     –  GE FDL12
1133-0     –  GE FDL16 (Old Style)
1142-0     –  GE 7FDL16 (Modern)
1144-U50 – GE U50 (Athearn)
5100-760 – Gas Turbine
2100-730 – Electric Universal File
3110-0       –  2 Cylinder Steam
4110-0       –  4 Cylinder Steam

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