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QSI Gwire Receiver™


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MSRP: $134.95

Product Description

The QSI Gwire Reciever, when connected to an Titan Large Scale decoder, and used with a compatible CVP Products AirWire™*, or NCE Gwire ProCab wireless DC/DCC throttle, gives you DCC level control over your locomotives while utilizing battery or DC track power to run the decoder.

The QSI GWire™ receiver supports up to 28 functions and features a quick plug to connect to any Titan Large Scale decoder.

Size: 2.25″L x 0.9″W x 0.56″HList: $134.95.

*Please Note: Linx, the manufacturer of the primary part used in the assembly of the Gwire receiver, recently ceased production on the tranceiver part that we use. They have replaced it with a new part number which requires QSI to redesign their part as well. Unfortunately, mid way though the redeisgn, Linx ran out of stock on the replacement part meaning we QSI is unable to acquire the samples we need to finish their pre-production work. This means that these units will likely be out of stock until the end of the summer. We apologize for this incovenience and will work to keep everyone up to date with developments on this project.


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