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Pricom The Dream Player PRO


MSRP: $99.00

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  • Premium-Quality Solid-State WAV file Audio Player adds Lush Sounds to your project!
  • Capable of playing up to 6 files at the same time!
  • Many Sound Scene files available by Free Download from the Pricom website!

Have you ever wanted to expand past onboard sound? Sure a decoder inside a loco adds realism to your loco, but what about the rest of the layout? Birds singing, dogs barking, a sawmill running, men working in the shed, how about a logging operation? These are just some of the possibilities with adding sound to your model railroad with Layout Sound. You can add an amusement park, a zoo, a city, all kinds of fun and interesting variety to your layout, and it can be done with Sound. The Dream Player can help you accomplish all this, and much more! Our customers have also installed the Dream Player as an audio playback device for museum display sounds, zoo exhibits, theme park announcements, information kiosks, and Christmas lights.

Interested in automation or animation? The Dream Player includes four separate trigger inputs to individually select the sound track that will play at any point in time. Each of the trigger inputs is opto-isolated and can be connected to buttons, switches, sensors, block-occupancy detectors, or even a DCC Decoder. A visitor can push a button to start a scene, or simply walk-up, and a motion sensor can trigger any suitable sound track. A random mode allows the Dream Player to select the track to play, making the scene sounds have more variety. One Dream Player can also trigger another, making the possibilities endless!

The Dream Player uses readily available micro SD Flash cards (the same as most digital cameras and mobile phones). You can even load your own sounds from a computer (WAV files) onto the SD Card, then insert the card into a Dream Player and you have your own custom sound track. No need to have the manufacturer load the sounds, or send it off to someone with a expensive fancy programmer, load the sounds yourself! If you have a card reader for a digital camera, you are already equippedto load the Dream Player. The Dream Player has been tested with micro SD Cards ranging from 1 Megabyte up to 16 Gigabytes, which allows up to 25 hours of Stereo CD Files to be loaded onto your Dream Player using the 16GB card. You can place four different files on the SD Card to allow more variety in your sounds and let the Trigger Inputs select the tracks.

Also included on the SD Card is a “CONFIG” file that allows you to completely customize the behavior of the Dream Player. With this file you may change the characteristics of the Player. Things such as how long a fade out can be? Should it be 5 seconds? 1 second? None at all? Would you like the sound file to play only while you hold a button? How about starting the track when the button is released and stop playing when pressed again? These are just a handful of configurations that you may have, the beauty of it all is that you may change it at anytime and to your exact situation. If you do not have access to a computer readily available many of these features may also be set using the onboard DIP switch.

But wait that’s not all! We also include four Control Outputs to allow the control of any accessory you wish. Let the Dream Player control lights, motors, crossing gates, carnival rides, cranes, you name it. Each audio track on the SD Card has its own Control Output. That means you could have a ‘Day’ track with one set of lighting, and a ‘Night’ track with another set of lighting. The possibilities are endless; let your imagination go wild. The Dream Player was designed to be flexible so that you can be creative.

This solution is perfect for Portable Modules, Portable Layouts, Replacing a CD Player, Adding Trigger able Sound to your Layout, Controlling Automated Characters, Controlling Lights, or anything you can imagine with Layout Sound! No compromise in quality, this little guy packs a punch! 44.1KHz at 16-bit Stereo (same as a CD), no quality compromising MP3’s here, no noisy or bad sound, this thing sounds as good as a real CD player! But with no moving parts! Externally controllable, and will ‘loop’ any sound forever without missing a beat, and never wear out!

Take the ultimate high-quality Dream Player, add your own sounds, or ours and you can have Stunning high-quality sound running in your project in no time at all.

See The Dream Player Pro video demonstration by CLICKING HERE! 

Download Free Audio Scenes, Firmware Updates, and the brand new User Manual from the Pricom Website!

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