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Pricom The Dream Player Lite Plug-n-Play Starter Package


MSRP: $59.00

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The Pricom The Dream Player Lite starter package includes:

  • 1 Dream Player Lite
  • 1 9VDC 500 mA Power Supply
  • 1 DP-LITE, Sample CD, Quick Start Guide
  • Best of all you get an SD card pre-loaded with our most popular sounds files to ensure that your set-up works right out of the box. The only thing you have to supply are the speakers and you are ready to go!

The Dream Player Lite Features:

  • Premium-Quality Solid-State WAV file Audio Player adds Lush Sounds to your project!
  • No moving parts, multiple sound tracks, remote input controls, animation outputs!
  • Perfect for audio playback triggered by a motion detection sensor!

    Download Free Audio Scenes, Firmware Updates, and other helpfull product documentation.
    >> Product Downloads <<

    Download the complete User Manual!
    >> User Manual <<

Have you wanted to add sound to your project but could not find a device small enough, or capable enough to meet your needs. You’ve tried using MP3 players and modifying them to fit your need but you can only do so much with a cheap device that was probably not quite designed for what you need it for. What if you have to change the battery or update your sounds? That would mean taking it out of the project, doing the change, and putting it back together. What if there was a device that was designed with you in mind, something that could be powered off a constant power source, and you can update your audio without removing the entire device? How about controlling lights or motors while the music is playing? Can’t do that with an MP3 Player. PRICOM Design has created the Dream Player LITE with you in mind.

In response to many customer comments and feature requests the “LITE” was designed with 4 things in mind; small size, very little power consumption, support larger SD Card sizes, and have a trigger controlled input/output.

The Dream Player LITE is packed full with an extensive array of features and measuring only 2 by 2 ½ inches, this is truly the best item of its kind.

Your sound files are stored on a microSD Card readily available at any electronics store as well as through PRICOM Design. We have tested sizes ranging from 1GB-16GB from a variety of manufactures and have success with them all. This means you could have 25 hours of CD quality music playing in your project using a 16GB SD Card.

Also by using a microSD Card you are able to mount the board to anything and anywhere, and easily change out or update the sounds that the device plays.

What about quality? The LITE plays exceptionally high quality 44.1 KHz, stereo, 16bit, WAV Files.

You may also control the LITE via external controls such as a button, and also control Output devices such as LED’s with it.

A real big feature of the Dream Player LITE is its low power consumption. Only drawing some 50ma it can last 4 hours on one 9V battery charge. And even longer on 4 AA batteries.

Another exiting feature of the Dream Player LITE is the “CONFIG file” that is stored on the SD Card. With this file you may change the characteristics of the Player. Things such as how long a fade out can be? Should it be 5 seconds? 1 second? None at all? Would you like the sound file to play only while you hold a button? How about starting the track when the button is released and stop playing when pressed again? These are just a handful of configurations that you may have, the beauty of it all is that you may change it at anytime and to your exact situation.

Also included with your LITE is a CD containing sample Audio Files, a sample CONFIG File, the PDF version of the User’s Manual, and several other items to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

So far we’ve been comparing the LITE to an MP3 Player, but it really is an unfair comparison because an MP3 player plays… well MP3 files, whereas the LITE plays high quality 44.1 KHz WAV Files, the same level of quality that you get from a CD.

Did we mention that the Dream Player LITE works great with motion detection sensors? Simply attach the output of the motion sensor to the trigger input of the LITE and set the CONFIG file for motion sensor operation and you are ready to go. When the sensor activates it will play your sound file. Which makes this triggerable solid state audio playback device ideal for museums, zoo exhibits, model railroad scenes, artwork, etc…

Some customers have also installed the Dream Player LITE as an audio playback device for museum display sounds, zoo exhibits, theme park announcements, information kiosks, and Christmas lights.


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