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Pricom The Dream Player Button Board


MSRP: $19.00

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Simple Button input/output circuit for use with Dream Players or any device requiring organized contact closures.

Easy Terminal Strip Connections.

Perfect for Mounting in any Project.

The PRICOM Button Board is a simple and easy to understand circuit of buttons and LED’s. All connections are made using the on-board screw type terminal strips and are labeled to match the equivalent labels on The Dream Players. As shown in the illustration below, connecting the Button Board is simply a matter of matching the terminal positions of the Button Board to those of The Dream Player. Making the connecting process quick and easy. This board is unique in that the buttons and LED’s are on the front of the board, but the terminal connections are on the back. This allows for more efficient mounting to a face plate or similar installation location. This board also has four on board LED’s that can indicate the status of a track. These LED’s are easily connected, using the corresponding terminal strips and can be supplied using 5 Volts DC.



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