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Pricom PNET DC Power Controller


MSRP: $79.00


The PNET DC Power Controller (PNET-DCPC)

  • Four Channel Power Switching
  • High-Current Switching(8Amp per Channel)
  • High-Current Power Input (30Amp max)
  • Operates as a Dimmer or a Switch
  • PNET Command and Control
  • Simple Software Update over PNET

The DC Power Controller allows for High Current Switching and Dimming. Control items such as LED Lamps, LED Strips, 12 Volt DC Lamps, or other High-Current Loads. By receiving its commands over PNET this power controller has an infinite range of capabilities when used with the Layout Lighting Solution primary board. DC power is supplied to the controller via screw terminal strips and input power may be supplied up to 30Amps, allowing up to 8Amps to be supplied to each individual channel. The Power controller also has on-board self resetting fuses that will prevent any excessive current from being drawn on any of the channels.


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