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Pricom PNET Block Occupancy Detector for Dream Players


MSRP: $79.00


The PNET Block Occupancy Detector (PNET-BO)

  • Four Current Sensing Transformers
  • Complete Isolation from Power
  • Senses 10K Ohm Resistance up to 10Amp per channel
  • Sends Current Load data to PNET Devices
  • PNET Command and Control
  • DIP Switch to set Function and Address
  • Directly Powered over PNET

The PNET Block Occupancy Detector is perfect for triggering events and commands when there is a load on a circuit. Ideal for Model Railroad applications to trigger audio and lighting events when a loco is in the block. Simply route the wire that you want to detect current in, though the Current Sensing Transformers, and the Board will do the rest.


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