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PECO SL-U8363 HO Code 83 #6 Double Slip, Unifrog


MSRP: $122.99


PECO SL-U8363 HO Code 83 #6 Double Slip, Unifrog

This new double slip features authentic tie (sleeper) sizes and spacings, plus a fine scale representation of the rail spike fastenings. The design is scaled down from A.R.E.A. (American Railway Engineering Association) prototype drawings and conforms to N.M.R.A. standards. However, with this new double slip Peco is now offering this in the new Unifrog format only, and it’s a first for the “83 Line”.


For current users of the Electrofrog or Insulfrog versions of our turnouts the new Unifrog format gives modellers the best of both worlds. As supplied, the turnout is wired completely “live”, except for the frog tip and wing rails, and can be used straight out of the packet without any further modification (and so behaves like an Insulfrog). However, the modeller can choose to electrify the frog and wing rails by connecting the pre-welded wires as shown on the diagram below. To change polarity the modeller can use our PL-13 or PL-15 change-over switch/microswitch, or the SmartSwitch SmartFrog PLS-130.



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