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PECO SL-E8351 HO Code 83 Electrofrog #5 RH Turnout


MSRP: $36.99


Length: 8-1/4″
Nominal Radius: 26″
Angle: 11.4 degrees

Peco Code 83 track components are based on American Railroad Engineering Association drawings, and have been designed to meet NMRA standards. This line of track is an all-new addition to Peco’s dependable and durable track systems. Designed for years of reliable service, the geometry of turnouts makes it easy to combine the pieces with any crossing or slip switch that fits your track plans.

Peco Streamline Code 83 track features ties molded in creosote-colored flexible plastic that mimics the look of the prototype, plus wood grain, tie plate and appropriate spike details. All track and turnouts feature the correct prototypical tie spacing and all are DCC friendly.

Electrofrog turnouts and crossings feature powered (conductive) frogs for enhanced locomotive electrical pickup and may require special wiring/rail gapping in certain track configurations.

Instructions are included with each turnout.



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