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PECO SL-80 HO Code 100 Single Slip Switch


MSRP: $73.99


Peco SL-80 Streamline Insulfrog Single Slip

Nominal radius 610mm, angle 12 degrees, length 249mm.

Most Streamline turnouts (points) are available with ‘dead’ frogs – Insulfrog or ‘live’ frogs – Electrofrog, but single & double slips and long & short crossings are only available in Insulfrog. For a description of the two types and wiring instructions, see our ‘How To’ page here.

Streamline Code 100 compatible with Setrack Code 100 track

For joining, use SL-10 or PL-80 pre-wired metal rail joiners to electrically join or SL-11 nylon rail joiners where an electrical break is required.

Can be joined to Code 75 finescale track by using either SL-112 dual standard rail joiners or SL-113 transition track.

Can be operated by hand but, for remote control on permanent layouts, two point motors such as Peco PL-10 or Seep PM-2 can be fitted.

Can be fixed with SL-14 track pins.

To assist in layout planning, full size turnout plans are available to download from the Peco website.



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