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PECO SL-113 Code 100 – Code 75 Transition Track


MSRP: $15.99


Peco SL-113 Transition track|

Pack of 4 pieces

The SL-113 is designed to join Code 100 track to Code 75 track and is extremely easy to use. All the modeller needs to do is to insert a thin piece of plasticard under the Code 75 track that is being joined, (to give support). The Transition Track itself takes care of the difference in rail height, maintaining a level rail surface (see image below). As an added feature the Transition track has a slight flexibility to help with positioning.The two rail sections within the unit are bonded together by a small section of wire, to ensure electrical conductivity. This gives the modeler another option in allowing those bonds to be broken, and thus creating an isolating break in the track.


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