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New Rail Models Flex Link Hardware 5-Pack


MSRP: $9.95


This package includes enough hardware to hook up five Blue Point Manual Turnout Controllers (sold separately. It contains everything you need except for the Flex Link Tubing. The tubing is sold separately because you can cut the tubing into shorter lengths so you can hook up more Blue Points if you don’t need a full 3′ section for every turnout.


  • 5 – Wood knob, pre-drilled
  • 5 – 2-56 screw & washer to attach the knob to the inner tube
  • 5 – Tube clamps with screws, anchors the outer tube at each end
  • 5 – Steel bracket to hold the outer tube at the Blue Point end
  • 5 – 2-56 threaded rod and clevis to attach inner tube to Blue Point


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