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NCE 5240154 Switch-It Mark2 Dual Stationary Decoder


MSRP: $29.95


The NCE Switch-It is a two-address decoder specifically designed to drive stall motor switch machines. It therefore does not have some of the features that the other decoders have.  It is the easiest to install:

  1. Connect two wires to the track
  2. Connect two wires from Switch Machine 1 to Output 1
  3. Connect two wires from Switch Machine 2 to Output 2
  4. Use 3M double-sided tape to attach to the side of one of your switch machines
  • Control for two TortoiseTM switch machines
  • Switch-It remembers the position of switch during power outages
  • Switch-It supports the full range of DCC accessory addresses (1-2044)
  • Easy address programming, no need to connect it to programming track
  • Each switch machine can have its own completely different address
  • Simple hook up, 2 wires to the track, 2 wires to each switch machine
  • Includes optional connections for “local” control push buttons

The Switch-It has a terminal block for manual input. If you wire four momentary push buttons to these terminals, the operation of the push buttons will provide manual operation of the switch in addition to DCC control.

Since the unit is designed for stall motor switch machines, its output current capability is limited to 50 ma, more than sufficient for the 25 ma stall current of the Tortoise™.  An added benefit is that since the switch machine limits the current to 25 ma, you can place LED’s in series with the decoder output without the normal current limiting resistor.  The switch machine itself acts as the current limiter.


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