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NCE 5240003 PB-105 Power Booster


MSRP: $159.95

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NCE’s PB105 Power Booster for Power Pro DCC System. If you need more power than the Power Pro alone can supply, the PB105 supplies 5 Amps of continuous voltage to your track. Enough to handle very large lashups of locomotives and still have reserve capacity. Recommended for Z through S scales.

  • 5-Amp Powerhouse power booster
  • One 1-foot control bus cable with RJ-H modular telephone plugs on each end
  • One connector
  • PB105 Product Manual
  • NCE warranty

Note: Requires a 5-amp, 14-16vAC power supply such as the NCE #P515 power supply (sold separately). The PB-105 comes with one 1-foot connecting cable, not a 7-foot as stated in the user guide.


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