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NCE 5240015 Radio Cab04er Throttle


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MSRP: $199.95 The Cab04 and Cab05 throttles have been discontinued. Limited availability. See the NCE Cab06 series.

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The Cab04 and Cab05 throttles have been discontinued. Limited availability.

The Cab04eR has the same specification as the Cab04e except that a radio board and battery holder has been added for operation as a radio throttle while retaining the plug capability of the CAB04e. The latest version of this throttle has an internal antenna.

The Cab04 uses a more conventional knob for speed control and is available with either a potentiometer (Cab04p) or digital encoder (Cab04e). Both varieties of the Cab04 can be set to YARD mode. Yard mode makes the speed knob act as a “center off” speed control. Turn the knob to the right and the loco will increase speed in the forward direction. Turn it to the left and speed will decrease until it gets to zero then it will start to increase speed in the reverse direction the farther you turn it to the left.

The CAB-04p comes shipped from the factory with the address of 5. In order for any throttle to work successfully with the Power Cab, the throttle has to have an address of “3”.


1. Turn on the command station [Power Cab]

2. Unplug your cab [CAB-04p] from the command station [in this case from the RJ-12 connector of the Power panel]

3. Press and hold down the SELECT LOCO button on the cab while plugging in the cab [into the UTP panel or right connector port of the PCP panel]. The cab will now enter its internal setup program. This is indicated by a flashing status LED [at the left of the potentiometer].

4. Press “1” to enter the cab address setup mode. Notice the flashing of the LED slows signaling it is ready to accept the new address.

5. To change the address, type in a new address followed by the ENTER key [in this case “3”]. Valid cab addresses are 0 to 63. An address of 0 sets the cab back to its original factory setting (cab address 5). If you enter a number outside this range, the LED will flash rapidly indicating an error. If you get an error,press SELECT LOCO to cancel the error and allow you to re-enter the data correctly.


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