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NCE 5240267 LWK25 Layout Wire Kit


*50 Ft Kit Pictured
MSRP: $35.95




NCE Layout Wiring Kit, 25 Foot DCC power bus (50 foot kit pictured)

NCE Item # 5240267

DCC main bus wiring for typical 25 foot double track mainline.Includes:

• Main Bus – 25 feet each red and black 14 AWG stranded wire

• Feeder Wires – 10 each red and black feeder 22 AWG wires (prestripped)

• 20 Wire taps for 14 AWG stranded wire

• 20 Quick connectors for 22 AWG stranded wire

• Each connection can be easily disconnected for troubleshooting

• Optimal wiring kit for 5 Amp and lower power systems


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