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MRC 0001908 SOUNDER HO: STEAM (16-bit)


MSRP: $49.98


Item Number: 0001908



The exclusive “Sounder” is a sound-only decoder and speaker that’s easily added to any HO locomotive equipped with a standard, non-sound decoder or even any piece of rolling stock being pulled by the locomotive equipped with wheel pickups.

The railroader simply “hooks-up” two wires to the track power pickup points in the loco and suddenly can enjoy MRC’s rich, Brilliance sound and the world’s most extensive feature set.

The new Steam Sounder with features similar to the Diesel unit, magnificantly reproduces eight, genuine articulated and eight, non-articulated steam locomotives prime mover sounds and you can select 33 whisles as well.

Features include:

  • Use with any HO non-sound decoder from MRC or any other brand
  • Full 28 NMRA function capability
  • Select desired sounds and functions in “seconds”
  • No time consuming downloading or expensive purchases … all the features are in the decoder
  • Use with any NMRA compatible DCC system to add sound “on the rails” or “below the rails”
  • Simple 2-wire hookup
  • Superb Brilliance sound quailty with multiple sounds and volume selectability
  • Capable of providing six dynamic lighting effects
  • 18V maximum input


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