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MRC 00112500 HO Universal Sound Decoder for Light Locomotives, 16-BIT Steam


MSRP: $49.98


Item Number: 00112500 (Replaces 0001617)

Sound & DCC Control Decoder – Light/Small Steam Locomotive Sounds

Features 2 Bells and 4 Whistles, along with 2 Chuff types for articulated and non-articulated steam locomotives.

Wheel arrangements not withstanding, steam locomotives fall into three types; light, medium and heavy. These types are determined by the air compressor on the locomotive. Light locomotives use a single phase air compressor, medium and heavy locomotives use a cross-compound air compressor. Look at your locomotive to determine which decoder is right for your application.

It is specially designed to fit into the many tight configurations prevalent in HO scale steam locomotives. This “Light” steam locomotive decoder is for use with 0-4-0, 0-6-0, smaller branchline, and switcher types of steam locos.

Equipped with adjustable back EMF, this new decoder provides fine tuning of the motor PID output frequency to ensure silent running and flexible torque output to give the locomotive better pulling power and finer speed control on grades.

Engineered right here in New Jersey, MRC’s DCC team delivered! This small size, (27 x 17 x 6mm) decoder is designed for mounting where space permits, and includes an 8-pin NMRA connector, a 9-pin JST connector, and it’s designed and tested to operate with any NMRA compatible DCC System and MRC’s exclusive line of Tech 6 DC Powerpacks with DCC capabilities.

  • 2 fully synchronized chuff types: articulated and non-articulated
  • 16-Bit “Brilliance™” sound (8-Ohm plug-in speakers sold separately)
  • 16 levels of sound volume
  • Programming on the Main
  • Advanced Consisting
  • 1 Amp capacity
  • 4 Whistles
  • 2 Bells
  • 28 NMRA Accessory Functions
  • Supports 2 or 4 Digit Addressing
  • Supports Full Readback Of All CV’s
  • Supports Custom Speed Tables
  • Adjustable Back-EMF


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