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MSRP: $49.98


Item Number: 00111704 (Replaces 0001622)

Drop-In Sound & Control DCC Decoder – ALCo 244

Many hobbyists do not need the myriad of authentic sounds associated with MRC’s DCC decoders. But, have stated a need for high quality sound, yet low cost drop-in decoders, specific to the type of locomotive they have… and if possible, include the real sounds, high-end features and controls found in MRC’s “Platinum Series” 16-bit decoders. Impossible task???

Engineered right here in New Jersey, MRC’s DCC team delivered! Each of these six, standard sizes of drop-in decoders is designed to replace the original PC Board mounted on the motor, plus a speaker is included with the decoder. This decoder is designed and tested to operate with any NMRA compatible DCC System and MRC’s exclusive line of Tech 6 DC Powerpacks.

  • 1-Prime Mover sound
  • 16-Bit “Brilliance™” sound
  • 16 levels of sound volume
  • Sound with functional dynamic braking
  • Sound with functional service braking
  • Air compressor with Prime Mover RPM option
  • 1.5 Amp capacity
  • 4 Horns
  • 2 Bells
  • 28 NMRA Accessory Functions
  • Supports Full Readback of All CV’s
  • Supports Custom Speed Tables
  • Excellent slow speed control and Adjustable Back-EMF
  • Includes speaker socket for your MRC plug-in 8-Ohm speaker (sold separately).



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