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MRC 0001958 N Scale Drop In Sound Decoder for Kato PA1


MSRP: $109.98


MRC N Drop-In Sound Decoder KATO PA1 (16-bit)

Item Number: 0001958

Designed with MRC’s Brilliance™ live capture, full fidelity sound, both of these new dual-mode (DCC/DC) decoders have all 28 NMRA functions built in, and use sounds actually recorded by MRC’s Sound Engineer (railside) from a real locomotive.

Each has an attached full fidelity speaker, to brilliantly deliver four selectable prime mover sounds, multiple horns, multiple-bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds, directional lighting and more.

  • Full 28 NMRA function capability
  • Custom, programmable Speed Table
  • Full readback capability
  • No additional time consuming downloading or expensive purchases.. all the features are in the decoders
  • Superb, Brilliance™ sound quality with multiple sounds and volume selectability



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