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MRC 0001955 N Scale Drop In Sound Decoder for Atlas GP7, GP9, GP30, & GP35


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MRC’S Amazing 16-Bit, Drop-In Sound Decoder for Atlas GP7, GP9, GP30, GP35

Item Number: 0001955

Makes Atlas N-Scale Come Alive

Model Rectifier Corporation’s latest N-Scale Sound Decoder for the Atlas GP-7, GP-9, GP-30 or GP-35 locomotive is loaded with features and functions. In keeping its six decade tradition of moving the railroading product line forward, MRC’s engineers have incorporated new and exciting advancements and technology into this tiny, dynamic new product, the “1955 Atlas Decoder.”

MRC’s drop-in decoders are just that… drop-in, with the absolute minimal of fuss. With all 28 NMRA functions, the locomotive will then come alive like never before with MRC’s 16-bit sound technology, incorporating 16 levels of sound volume driving a board mounted 10mm, super-fidelity speaker.

Typical of MRC’s decades of experience, fastidious hobbyists have a multitude of onboard choices of bells, horns, addressing, Speed Tables, lighting and more, without the unnecessary inconvenience of internet downloads.

What’s more, the sounds were recorded live, trackside, from actual locomotives.

Features include:
• 16-bit enhanced Brilliance™ sound reproduction
• 2 or 4 digit addressing (1-9999)
• 28 NMRA functions
• Choice of 2 Prime Mover sounds
• Multiple Horns (22)
• Multiple Bells (6)
• Directional Lights
• Programming on the Main
• Adjustable Speed Tables
• 10mm, 32 ohm, ckt board mounted round speaker
• 0.5 amp capacity
• 16 levels of sound adjustment (volume control)
• Advanced Consisting (CV19)
• Follows all NMRA specifications


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