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MRC 0001731 HO Universal Sound Decoder, 16-BIT Steam


MSRP: $49.98


Item Number: 0001731

Sound & DCC Control Decoder – Universal Steam Prime Mover

Engineered in New Jersey, this 16-bit Universal sound decoder has a specific Prime Mover sound, 4 horns, 2 bells and contains other high-end features and controls found in MRC’s “Platinum Series” 16-bit decoders.

This decoder is designed for mounting where space permits, and includes an 8-pin NMRA connector, a 9-pin JST connector, and it’s designed and tested to operate with any NMRA compatible DCC System and MRC’s exclusive line of Tech 6 DC Powerpacks with DCC capabilities.

  • Steam sound with synchronized chuff
  • 1.5 amp capacity
  • 16-Bit sound (8-Ohm plug-in speakers sold separately)
  • 64 levels of sound volume
  • 1 Whistle and 1 bell sound
  • 28 NMRA accessory functions
  • Programming on the main (Ops Mode)
  • Advanced consisting (CV19)
  • Supports 2 or 4-digit addressing
  • Programmable start voltage and top voltage
  • Programmable acceleration and deceleration rates
  • Programmable 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  • Kick start voltage control CV65
  • Easy function mapping
  • Supports read back address and CV values
  • Advanced speed table control (CV67-94)
  • Back-EMF load control
  • 17 Light effects (ditch, mars, gyra, strobe…)
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC standard
  • Includes NMRA 8 pin plug and 9-pin JST connector
  • Complies with the part 15 of FCC rules
  • Dimensions: 26.0mm x 17.5mm x 6.0mm
  • MRC warranty (see user guide for details)


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