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MRC 0001520 Decoder Dr. Programmer & Analyzer


MSRP: $109.98


Item Number: 0001520

Decoder Dr. Programmer and Analyzer

Excellent tool for all DCC users. Plug in a new decoder BEFORE installation and check all of its functions before use. Easily perform programming and decoder read back functions. Program, read back, or test decoders by using a section of track or by plugging a decoder into the 8 pin NMRA socket enclosed on the Decoder DR.

DECODER DR. offers MRC’s Unique TESTING FEATURE and all these additional features

  • Easy programming
  • Read DCC decoders
  • Program DCC decoders
  • Reassign DCC decoders addresses
  • Reset DCC decoders to factory defaults
  • TEST decoders including cv’s such as speed control, head lights, flash rates and all 28 functions including bells, horns, etc.
  • Backlit LCD screen
  • 8-pin NMRA decoder socket for use with all decoders that have a harness
  • Works with all NMRA compliant decoders & locomotives in O, G, HO, N and Z scale




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