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Logic Rail GCP Grade Crossing Pro


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MSRP: $42.95

Product Description

GCP Grade Crossing Pro electronic crossing signal and/or gate controller by Logic Rail Technologies. Prototypical control of grade crossing signals (LED or bulbs) and gate motors. Works with both DC and DCC Layouts. Uses photocell detection (requires adequate overhead lighting). Complete instructions included – easy to install.

Detects and animates grade crossing signals & controls motorized gates in all scales.


  • “TrueLamp2” feature option gives realistic flashing lamp persistence; the lamps (LED or bulbs) appear to fade out rather than simply turn on and off
  • Included 4 photocells for proper bi-directional behavior (additional photocells available)
  • Each photocell has its own sensitivity adjustment and the GCP provides a setup mode for making the adjustment process easier
  • Adjustable gate motor speed
  • Cascade multiple GCP units for multi-track crossing arrangements.
  • Works with all scales (signals and gates sold separately)
  • Powered from 7v-16v AC or DC; current draw is ~90mA with dual LED signals
  • Solid State Design (1 year limited warranty)


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