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Logic Rail BA-2-IR Block Animator, Infrared Version


MSRP: $49.95

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Product Description

BA-2-IR Block Animator Features:

  • BA-2/BA-2-IR for controlling searchlight signals constructed with a single 2-lead or 3-lead bipolar LED (e.g. Tomar) OR constructed with three individual Green, Yellow and Red LEDs wired with a common anode (positive) behind a single “lens” such as those from BLMA (#4001, 4050, 4051) and NJ International (#2343)
  • “TrueLens2” for all signals and selectable yellow hue for bipolar LED signals; TrueLens2 duplicates the prototype signal behavior of having the signal BRIEFLY show red when it transitions from Approach (yellow) to Clear (green). Click here to see a video.
  • Current limiting resistors included
  • Signal aspects sequenced prototypically based on direction of travel
  • Yellow delay (i.e. when train leaves the “next block”) is selectable (10 or 30 seconds)
  • Approach Lighting capable (signal is dark until train approaches!)
  • Correct aspects will be shown even if a train covers a sensor and then backs up, or if a train stops between sensors.
  • Requires no modification to track wiring or rolling stock
  • Each sensor has its own sensitivity adjustment and the Block Animator provides a setup mode for making the adjustment process easier
  • Photocell versions powered from AC or DC – draws about 60mA!
  • Infrared versions (-IR) powered from 7-9V AC or 9-12V DC (such as our WT1A together with our 12VPSR); draws about 360mA (or more when used with bulb-type signals)
  • Solid State Design (1 year limited warranty)


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