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Logic Rail 1500 SearchLight Master


MSRP: $64.95

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Product Description

  • Translates individual Green, Yellow and Red signal status inputs into proper control signals for operating the bipolar LED found in searchlight signals (e.g. Tomar, ISS, Oregon Rail Supply and others)
  • Controls up to eight individual searchlight signals when used with signaling circuits which are designed for common anode signal units; can also be controlled by ANYTHING which provides active low (<0.8V) inputs such as a computer interface (e.g. Chubb’s C/MRI) or even manual control (boring!)
  • Controls 2-lead or 3-lead bipolar LEDs
  • Yellow hue is adjustable
  • Operates from 9-16V AC or DC
  • Extensive installation manual (available for free download in our Documents area)


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