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Lenz Set-100 DCC Starter System


MSRP: $540.00


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Review Of Lenz Set 100

Includes an LH100, an LZV100, and a 5 Amp command station booster and comes with easy to read manuals.
This system supports 31 handhelds, 4 digit addressing, all forms of programming, layout control feedback, advanced consisting, control of 256 locomotives and 1024 turnouts, and all14 NMRA DCC functions (F1-F12 plus F0 forward and F0 reverse).
To achieve maximum power output for your LENZ System, choose your DCC System input power supply to be rated at approxamately the same voltage as your desired track voltage. For Example:

* If you want 15-16 V(DCC) for your track then use the Magna Force. If you want 12-13 V(DCC) for your track then use Tony’s XFR4


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