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Lenz LRC120 Railcom Decoder


MSRP: $88.00


Introduce RailCom to your layout! Read out the address of locomotives and their CV’s. RailCom is a new and innovative Lenz technology for allowing a locomotive to transmit real data to include its address and other operational information anywhere on the layout independent of whether it is stopped or whether it is in motion!

RailCom allows an external device to be able to read real data transmitted from a decoder.  This data can include the decoder’s actual speed, its load, its location, the contents of CV and it its address.

One special advantage of the RailCom technology is that no additional components have to be installed on the outside of the locomotive. Regardless of where the RailCom decoder is installed inside the locomotive, this does not impact data transmission.

To take advantage of the bi-directional features in RailCom, it is not necessary for the locomotive to stop or move at a precise point on your layout to transmit information. No receiver components disturb the appearance of your layout since any information is transmitted via the normal track connections.

To enable the bi-directional features of RailCom you need three components.

  1. A decoder that transmits the information such as a Gold Series Decoder.
  2. A detector that can receive these transmissions such as the LRC120
  3. A cutout device that conditions the track for the transmission such as an LZV100 or LV102.


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