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Lenz LH01 Hand Throttle


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Are you looking for an easy-to-operate, low-cost manual control that offers all the features that a digital system offers today?

Have a look Lenz’s LH01:


The LH01 is a new throttle for XpressNet®  and uses all the features of the fast bus system. The LH01 can be plugged and unplugged during operation. The locomotive last operated is stored and can be operated again immediately.

In addition, the XpressNet operates bi-directionally: information can be called up from the control. When selecting a new locomotive, for example, the speed, direction of travel, and function settings are transmitted. The operation can be continued seamlessly.

The LH01 can be used with the well-known Digital plus command stations LZ100 and LZV100 (from version 3.6 up) as well as the new command station LZV01 [not yest available] of the new starter package SET 01.

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