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Korea Brass USA HO GE U25C w TCS WOWSound & Keep Alive, NP #2516

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GE U25C – NP #2516 – TCS WOWSound & Keep Alive

See our video review of the Korea Brass U25C in action here:

Korea Brass USA has entered the HO market with this exciting new General Electric U25C  diesel locomotive. This highly detailed, HO-Scale, plastic & brass hybrid engine pairs an incredibly high level of detail with an excellent drive train to create a degree of realism seldom seen in scale models. With dozens of individually applied detailing components you simply won’t find a more prototypical manufactured locomotive.

All DCC Sound locomotives include a factory installed TCS WOWDiesel sound decoder with a KA2 Keep-Alive™ capacitor, and a 35mm x 16mm WOWSpeaker.

Key Features-
-Die-Cast chassis with an injection molded plastic shell.
-5-pole, skew wound, can motor with dual brass flywheels.
-Worm and helical gear drive train for silent operation.
-RP25 NMRA wheel profile
-Heavy die-cast chassis for excellent tractive effort. Weight: 550g (1.21 lbs)
-Collectable locomotives with individual serial numbers.

Hand applied brass and plastic detail including:
-Visible interior detailing through etched brass grating.
-Visible, free-spinning fans through top etched brass grating.
-Visible engineer in cab with interior cab lighting.

WOWDiesel Decoder (DCC Sound Version Only):
-Authentic GE FDL16 prime mover sounds
-True CD-Quality Audio: 44,100 Samples Per Second at 16 bit resolution
-Calibrated auto-notching for prototypical operation
-Built in Keep-Alive™ for uninterrupted operation
-First ever operational Dynamic Brakes
-Audio Assist™ (eliminates CV programming)
-30+ Horns
-30+ Bells
-Much More!

This locomotive can run on a minimum curve radius of 18″ (46 cm), but Korea Brass USA recommends a minimum curve of 22″ (46 cm) for prototypical operation.