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Kato 37-6104-LS HO GE P42 Genesis, ESU LokSound DCC, Amtrak Anniversary, Phase I #156


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*These locos have to have their sound systems installed by Kato and they are currently running about 4-6 weeks out, so please add 5-7 weeks time to your expected delivery after you place your order. 

Kato HO GE P42 Genesis, with ESU LokSound DCC, Amtrak Anniversary, Phase I #156

Kato Item #: 37-6104-LS

Model Features:

  • Perfectly suited to pull Kato’s new production of Phase IVb Superliners.
  • Directional headlights and tail lights on both the front and rear of the locomotive, allowing it to operate as both a standard pulling locomotive with double heading capability or a push-pull engine, whether oriented facing forward or back.
  • Illuminated pre-printed numberboards
  • Capable of navigating minimum 370mm (14 3/5″) radius curves (R1 radius in Europe), allowing the P42 to go where previous Kato locomotives have never been able to go before -dining room tables, coffee tables, spaces previously reserved exclusively for N scale!
  • Brand new coreless truck-motor drive paired with a super-heavy solid metal body mechanism; doubling the number of motors while increasing the traction potential and weight for new standard of running smoothness and pulling power.
  • (PDF) Downloadable quick-start guide for ESU Loksound equipped P42’s
  • Also Available with Soundtraxx Sound & DCC pre-installed, or in straight DC without sound.

Prototype History:

The General Electic P42 locomotive is also known as the “Genesis” locomotive. The P42 is a modern 4200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada. Amtrak’s P42 has replaced the EMD F40PH in revenue service and today they are used throughout the United States. Since their introduction, they have had a number of physical revisions to improve the ease of maintenance and parts replacements, including a bolt-on fiberglass nose panel (replacing the original’s solid metal which was difficult to repair or replace) and a new headlight bezel that is more rounded than the previous square versions.