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TTX Kapton Tape 14mm x 36m


MSRP: $16.95



Kapton Tape is an indispensable tools for decoder installations!
1 roll: 1/2″ wide X 36 yards long 1mil thick, 14mm x 36m long

Kapton is a polyimide film developed bu DuPont that remains stable across a wide range of temperatures, from -452 to +752 °F (-269 to +400 °C and 4 to 673 K). Our Kapton tape is very thin, very strong, very adhesive, electrically insulating and temperature resistant, making it ideal for working with sensitive decoder boards and electronics in your locomotive. Our TTX Kapton tape is FAR superior to black electrical tape and will not leave sticky residue if it is removed. It might not be cheap, but it will last forever and is well worth it’s price, especially when you consider how well it can insulate your expensive DCC and sound decoders! It’s one of our most popular products for those who like to do their own decoder installations.



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