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Kadee #309 Electric, Under Track, Delayed Action Uncoupler


MSRP: $18.30


The Kadee #309 Electric, Under Track, Delayed Action Uncoupler Fits any HO Code Track.

*Kadee® #165 Red – Normally Open momentary contact push button switches are recommend. CLICK HERE To Buy Switches. 

Operates: 16 volt DC.
We recommend a 16 volt DC power source (at least 3 Amps) or 18 volt AC power source (at least 2 Amps) converted to DC with bridge rectifier.
Kadee® #166 Transformer meets AC power source voltage requirements. CLICK HERE To Buy Transformer.

For wiring instructions please refer to the #309 Electric Uncoupler Instructions.

WARNING: Do not use the uncoupler continually. DO NOT activate the uncoupler for longer than 2 MINUTES at one time. This will avoid possible overheating which will damage the uncoupler.







Package Contains: One Electric, Under Track, Delayed Action Uncoupler.