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Intermountain HO GE C45AH GEVO Tier 4, w ESU Loksound, UP #2669, 497104S-06


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Intermountain HO GE ET44C4 GEVO Tier 4 w/ESU Loksound
Union Pacific #2669

Intermountain Item #497104S-06

Intermountain’s all-new, officially licensed GE Tier 4 GEVO looks to be their most impressive locomotive yet and promises to advance their tradition of excellence in the modern, GE locomotive series. This all-new model features more finely molded parts and railroad specific details than ever before, as well as prototype based color representation with laser sharp painting and printing, including the numerous miniature labels accurately represented. These new locomotives also have an all-new Tier 4 drive that is smooth, heavy, and powerful.

Locomotive Features

  • Operating LED Lighting Includes:
    • Front & Rear Headlights
    • Front ditch lights
    • Rear Ditch Lights (road name specific)
    • Number Boards
    • Front & Rear DPU lights (CN units only)

Other Detail Features

  • All-new model with new tooling
  • Spinning bearing caps on the trucks with accurate GE style traction motor detail on 3rd and 4th axles
  • See-through etched metal grilles on the body, radiator cab roof, and dynamic brake area
  • Brake chain & Tow chain
  • Separate underframe piping detail
  • LSL lights (CSX & NS only)
  • Etched metal walkway steps (road name specific)
  • Accurate PTC Antenna Arrays on cab roof (road name and number specific)
  • Road name specific front/rear handrails
  • Rear rock pilot on CN units
  • See-through etched metal walkway panels on CN units
  • Numerous other etched metal and wire details
  • Sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU® LokSound® Select sound decoders featuring accurately recorded Tier 4 GEVO sounds played through dual “sugar-cube” type speakers.
  • Non-sound locomotives are factory equipped with ESU® LokPilot® V4.0 non-sound decoders.

Intermountain is offering these new Tier 4 GEVO locomotives decorated for the first five railroads to order and operate this new design. As more railroads purchase these and take delivery, they will make subsequent product announcements.

Prototype Overview:

The ET44AC (Evolution Series Tier 4, 4400 HP, AC traction) replaces the ES44AC model. These locomotives have been ordered by most of the Class I railroads in North America, including: Union Pacific, CSX Transportation, Norfolk Southern and Canadian National Railway. BNSF Railway will be receiving similar ET44C4’s which have no traction motor on the middle axle of each truck.

In the summer of 2012, GE unveiled its first Tier 4 emissions-compliant locomotive, now officially named the ET44AC. The prototype demonstrators, as well as current production units, are visually quite different from previous models. First, the “ET” is 74 ft. 6 in. long – an increase of 16 in. from the 73 ft. 2 in. length of all previous GE 6-axle models beginning with the “DASH 9” series in 1993. While the front third of the locomotive, including the control cab, is basically unchanged, the rear two-thirds is noticeably different. On Tier 4 demonstrator units the entire midsection above the prime mover is raised to accommodate an advanced exhaust treatment system; it is seen as a “hump” that rises above the rest of the locomotive considerably. Production units have this hump only over the exhaust manifold directly ahead of the radiator, rather than encompassing the entire midsection. In addition, the radiator section is much larger than that of earlier “ES” units, featuring a two-fan split-cooling system located inside a very large, angular compartment. Grilles under the radiator section have been smoothed out, and there are two extra air intakes on the rear of the locomotive hood. ET44ACs are all equipped with Graham-White electronic bells (E-bells). Tier 4 demonstrator units are equipped with two airhorns: a three-chime horn – facing forward – located behind the cab and a rear-facing two-chime horn protruding from the back of the radiator. Production units feature the now-standard Nathan-Airchime model K5HL-R2 “Evolution” airhorn mounted on the hood slightly forward of the placement location used on previous models.