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InterMountain HO EMD SD38-2, DCC, Louisville & Nashville #4500, 493306-01


Available on backorder

Expected Winter 2017
MSRP: $199.95


InterMountain HO EMD SD38-2, ESU LokPilot DCC
Louisville & Nashville #4500

Intermountain Item #493306-01

Locomotive Features:

  • Sharp Painting and Lettering
  • Multiple Road Numbers
  • Road Specific Details
  • Wire Grab Irons and Etched Metal Details
  • Kadee Couplers
  • Factory installed ESU® LokPilot® DCC decoder
  • DC plug available upon request.

Prototype History:
The SD38-2 was introduced in 1972 and built until 1979. It is the non-turbocharged, 2000 HP version of EMD’s very successful SD40-2. The SD38-2 was produced in limited numbers, but found homes on many Class 1 railroads. They were typically used in yard service where low speeds and good tractive effort was required. Almost all are still in service today, with many being refitted as Remote Control yard locomotives.