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ESU 50703 Interior Lighting Set, 380mm, Yellow/White


MSRP: $47.90

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ESU is very proud to present to you the new interior LED lighting system for passenger cabins. This system allows you to retrofit your cars with a prototypical and steady interior lighting. The passenger car interior lighting is available in three different versions to match the desired location.

The ESU LED Interior lighting set 50703 uses the most contemporary technique to supply its 16 yellow and 16 warm-white light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with a constantly smooth and warm light. Thanks to its small measurements it is universally usable for gauges 0 to G. The following features make the ESU Interior lighting sets so special. Pre-installed constant voltage source for a constantly bright and even light, independent of the track voltage. ¬†Individually adjustable brightness. Yellow LEDs and white LEDs be set separately. The lighting boards can be cut off arbitrarily to fit the cars of all manufacturers. To bridge prolonged power interruptions a “PowerPack” energy storage is already installed. Each Interior lighting set comes with a red taillight. Appropriate for DC and AC layouts as well as digital voltage. The ESU LokPilot Fx V3.0 (52621) can be directly plugged onto the 21MTC connection.