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DCC Specialties Wabbit™-FB (Feedback Version) Accessory Decoder


MSRP: $36.95


Save With Wabbit Tortosie Combo Packs!!
*Tortoise Connectors (tortconns) are not included.

Buy TortConns Here
Wabbit Manual
Wabbit Review
Hare vs Wabbit Time vs Money
Jack Wabbit In Stock!

Dual output DCC stationary decoder with feedback reporting. 

Protected by US patent number  8113471.

Includes all the special features of the Wabbit plus feedback turnout position reporting to Digitrax LocoNet, Lenz ExpressNet and NCE CabBus.

Card Edge Connectors  (TTE-TORT-CONN) are not included.

Recommended control switches to use with the Wabbit™ & Hare™
SPDT 5AMP 120V C/O, SPST Momentary 1/4″, SPDT 5AMP 120V C/O 1/2″
NCE Mini Panel Makes Control Panels Easy As 1-2-3

The Tortoise™, the Tortoise™ Logo and the Tortoise™ graphic are trademarks of Circuitron, Inc. of Romeoville, Il. They and all photos of the Tortois are used with permission. The Hare™ is a product of DCC Specialties, which is in no way affiliated with Circuitron, Inc.

DCC Specialties announces the Wabbit – a new dual output stationery decoder with all the same patented exclusive features of its predecessor, the popular Hare. Tony’s will be offering special combo pricing for the Wabbit and the Tortoise™ and the TortConn Connectors. 

Wabbit is protected by U.S. patent numbers 7810760, and 7810761.


What’s better than one HARE, two HARES?

  • The Wabbit DCC stationary decoder operates 2 DC stall motor type switch machines and features the same patented unmatched performance of its popular kin the HARE.
  • Compare the Wabbit’s price and performance to any other dual output stall motor DCC stationary decoder and you will choose the Wabbit! List: $29.95
  • Look at all the features that are not available from any other stationary decoder at any price!
    • Auto Throw
    • Auto Throw Timer
    • Auto Return
    • Smart Route
    • Dispatcher Over-Ride
    • Lock-Block
    • Locked Route Control
    • Switch Speed Control
    • Smart Default Ops
    • Operate Switch Signals
    • Manual Button/Toggle
    • System Reset
    • Direct Current Ops
    • Semaphore Operations
    • Automates Reverse Loops

The HARE and the Wabbit were designed by Larry Maier. 


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