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DCC Specialties Tortoise Buddy Baby


MSRP: $16.95


Tortoise Buddy Installation Info

Tortoise Buddy Review

The Tortoise Buddy. Simple and Functional.

  • Wire Directly to Track to Power Tortoise
  • Compatible with DCCnot DCC Controlled
  • Screw Terminal Connections for LEDs, SPDT, & DPDT Switches
  • Plug-in connection to Tortoise™
  • “Self Power” input connection from track for all normal track voltages ranging from 7 to 28V; AC, DC, DCC
  • Incorporates onboard status LEDs indicating power in and normal or reverse position of switch track points
  • Screw terminal connections for additional panel mount LEDS or to control block signals
  • Direct wire connections for manual point control using DPDT, SPDT electronic switches or block detection type inputs
  • Provides exclusive Auto Throw™ feature [Whiz Kid only] automatically positions switch track points when a train is approaching.
  • Incorporates additional output connections to another Tortoise




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