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DCC Specialties Cross Hare Complete Kit with Lighted Crossbucks


MSRP: $169.95


DCC Specialties Cross Hare Complete Kit with Lighted Crossbucks
Cross Hare Installation Guide Crossbucks Only Rev B
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Introduction: The Cross Hare is designed to provide all of the functions you need to control a one or two track grade crossing in a prototypical manner. The Cross Hare uses up to 8 optical sensors for train detection and to control the sequencing of the crossing. While the Cross Hare is designed to work with a dual track crossing, you can also use it with a single track crossing by only using 4 of the sensors. The Cross Hare will automatically detect whether it needs to watch one or two tracks. Should you not want to use the optical sensors, the Cross Hare will also operate using a simple on/off input such as from a block detector output (e.g. DCC Specialties Block Watcher).

This Cross Hare Kit (for Lighted Crossbucks Only) includes:

  • 1 Cross Hare Control Board
  • 1 Cross Hare Interface Board
  • 1 Connection Wire Harness [Connect Cross Hare to Interface Board]
  • 1 Tomar H-862B Crossing Signal Kit [lights only]
  • 4 Optic Cross Hare sensors. More can be purchased separately for double track configurations.


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