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DCC Bitswitch Spur Bitswitch™




This Spur Bitswitch™ controls one block immediately proceeding track points and checks the position of the points (closed or thrown) and also checks both lines following the points for occupancy. Is compatible with all BitSwitch controls. Includes Signal Control.

When the “DC Brake Generator BitSwitch™” is set for automatic this switch provides automatic control when a line splits into two lines or when a spur is encountered.

When a train enters the block containing the “Spur BitSwitch” the switch checks to see which direction the track switch points are set and then stops the train if the next block on the directed line is occupied.

  • If a train has been stopped because one line is occupied but the other line is vacant throwing of the track switch to the vacant line will cause the train to resume speed.
  • If the next blocks are free the train is not affected.

This switch has special application and may also be used to provide Exit from an automatic section of your layout to an uncontrolled section.

In any case the trains in the spur can be sent new commands for speed changes, lights, sound etc.. If a BitSwitch has stopped and engine the new command will not be activated until the train is released.

If your railroad has DCC and you want to automate, you need DCC-Bitswitch. Bitswitches are compatible with all DCC systems and locomotive decoders that respond to Brake on DC Set Speed Zero (Brake Generators).

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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