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DCC Bitswitch Passing Siding Bitswitch™



MSRP: $79.95


This Passing Siding Bitswitch™ Controls two blocks on lines that separate at a siding and the operator wishes trains diverted to the siding to stop and remain in the siding until another train passes on the MAIN LINE. Compatible with all BitSwitch controls.

This switch provides control for a station when the “DC Brake Generator BitSwitch™” is set for automatic.
This switch uses a unique control scheme and is designed for a siding or station where one line divides at a station or siding and then merges to back to one line.

  • The train entering the siding/station  will be stopped using CV4 and held until another train passes on the “Main Line”.
  • When a second train passes on the “Main Line” it will not be stopped unless other traffic is still ahead on the line.
  • When the second train is clear of the next forward block the first train will be released to the main line using acceleration value CV3.
  • If a third train enters the controlled area on the “Main Line” before the train on the passing/station siding departs the train on the siding will continue to be held untill traffic allow re-entry to the “Main Line”.

In any case, the trains in the station can be sent new commands for speed changes, lights, sound etc.. If a BitSwitch has stopped an engine,  the new command will not be activated until the train is released.

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If your railroad has DCC and you want to automate, you need DCC-Bitswitch. Bitswitches are compatible with all DCC systems and locomotive decoders that respond to Brake on DC Set Speed Zero (Brake Generators).

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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