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DCC Bitswitch Crossing Gate/Signal Bitswitch™



MSRP: $29.95


This X-Gate/Signal BitSwitch™ can be used for triggering sound effects, closing a crossing gate, powering a X signal or any other purpose where it is desirable to apply 6 to 12 VDC to an accessory on the rail side.

Input power source can be 12 to 35 volts AC, DC or DCC.
Output power can be 6 VDC, 9 VDC or 12 VDC depending on the unit ordered.
Note: Does not require Bitswitch section control. This BitSwitch will work for any layout regardless of the power used to operate the engines (AC, DC, DCC or BATTERY)

Input voltage should be greater or equal than the output voltage desired. This circuit can be used to operate Signals or to operate a Crossing Buck or any accessory that you wish to turn on and off

BitSwitch controls  include an adequate number of generic reed switch track contacts for installation. The track contacts are magnetic reed switches and are connected by soldering leads to the reed switches. Mounted or hermetic sensors sold separately.

(-) & (+) are always powered
1+ is only powered when the 1 Trigger is the last pulsed
2+ is only powered when the 2 Trigger is the last pulsed

The X-Gate/Signal can be installed using different methods.

If the traffic always flows the same direction:

If the traffic is Bi-Directional: Short Train

If the traffic is Bi-Directional: For Long Trains

Requires 2 magnets. Place the magnets so that the the engine (or first car) magnet triggers  the reed switches located near the LEFT RAIL and the last car triggers the reed switches located near the right rail.  This arrangement will keep the crossing signal lit for the entire train regardless of length.

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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