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DCC Bitswitch DT-ST-DT Bitswitch™



MSRP: $99.95


Controls a section of main line that operates in a Bi-Directional mode. This BitSwitch accommodates Double Track to Single Track main to Double Track condition. Is compatible with all BitSwitch controls.

The DT-ST-DT BitSwitch provides automatic control when trains exit from Double Track main and enter a Single Track section of the road.  This BitSwitch will allow bi-directional traffic on a Single Track main line.

When the “DC Brake Generator™” is set for automatic operation this DT-ST-DT BitSwitch™ provides automatic collision protection when  dual tracks converge to a single track main line.

When a train enters a block controlled by the “DT-ST-DT BitSwitch™” from either direction the BitSwitch checks for the following:

  • Is the bi-directional single track segment occupied?
  • Has the preceding train traveling in the same direction failed to reached the next dual line and trip the release trigger?
  • Does a train approaching from the opposite direction have right-of-way?

If the answer to any of the above is YES, the train will slow to a stop.
When the answer to all three questions is NO, the train will enter the single track segment.

The DT-ST-DT Bitswitch can be combined with additional Block BitSwitches where Block BitSwitches are added for track segments A2,A3 and B2, B3.

If your railroad has DCC and you want to automate, you need DCC-Bitswitch. Bitswitches are compatible with all DCC systems and locomotive decoders that respond to Brake on DC Set Speed Zero (Brake Generators).

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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