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DCC Bitswitch™ 2-Way Crossing Guard


MSRP: $84.95


This DCC Bitswitch controls a crossing where traffic flow in the automatic mode is always moving in the same direction on either crossing line. Allows the trains to cross on a first come first serve basis. Is compatible with all BitSwitch controls.

For each line, the trains must always approach the crossing from the same direction in the automatic mode.
This BitSwitch can not share triggers with any other BitSwitch products. Requires only 4 reed switch track triggers.


If your railroad has DCC and you want to automate, you need DCC-Bitswitch. Bitswitches are compatible with all DCC systems and locomotive decoders that respond to Brake on DC Set Speed Zero (Brake Generators).

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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