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DCC Bitswitch™ 2-Way Crossing Guard (Integrated)


MSRP: $99.95


This is a 2 way Crossing Guard (integrated).  For each line, the trains must always approach the crossing from the same direction in the automatic mode. This BitSwitch can be used with any other BitSwitch products and will prevent “Crossing Collisions” when two trains approach a crossing.

If combined with other BitSwitches, all triggers can be shared.

When the “DC Brake Generator BitSwitch” for that block (segment) is set for automatic then:

  • Trains entering the crossing area will be allowed to proceed on a first in first out basis.  
  • The second train to enter the crossing on the intersecting line will be slowed to a stop and held.
  • When the first train clears the crossover the second train will proceed through the crossing.
  • When any train tries to enter a occupied crossing it will be stopped.

BitSwitch controls  include an adequate number of generic reed switch track contacts for installation. The track contacts are magnetic reed switches and are connected by soldering leads to the reed switches.

Mounted or hermetic sensors sold separately

If your railroad has DCC and you want to automate, you need DCC-Bitswitch. Bitswitches are compatible with all DCC systems and locomotive decoders that respond to Brake on DC Set Speed Zero (Brake Generators).

If you intend to use Bitswitch for O or G Scale, please note that fact in the “special notes” box when checking out!



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